Chris Mathew – CFO

Co-founder and CFO Chris Mathew brings financial experience being a Math/CPA student at the University of Waterloo. Math/CPA combines co-op work experience with a background in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, complemented by an equally focused study in accounting, economics, and business-related topics. Chris was also a core member of the high school electric car project alongside Kyle, exhibiting a deep passion for technology and innovation. He has worked as an assistant investment analyst at Scotiabank, developing investment strategy tools using MATLAB and various other programming languages. Chris is currently interning at KPMG in Toronto in a joint audit (Financial Institutions) and tax (Global Mobility Services) position.

Kyle Faller – CEO & CTO

Kyle's experience in leadership and project management has been continuously proven, beginning in high-school where he brought together a team of students to design, fabricate, and race a fully electric vehicle, managing everything from team finances to the engineering of all vehicle systems, and doing a lot of the machining and fabrication work along the way. The technical expertise that complements his management skill has been further strengthened during his studies as a mechanical engineer at the University of Waterloo, having led composite manufacturing and powertrain design for the university’s formula electric race team. His work in precision manufacturing at Dynaplas, powertrain research and development at Alta Motors, and on the motors team at Tesla, has built his understanding of the inner workings of a successful business, while also proving his aptitude to complete extensive research and design projects in very short time frames.