Intelline CS1

Our engineering team has closely studied the needs of existing and emerging cryocooled technologies, as well as the shortcomings of current cryocooler designs. By completely re-thinking approach to cryocooler design and manufacturing, we have created a cryocooler that can be easily customized to the exact cooling specification desired, has greater flexibility in integration than traditional cryocoolers, and comes at a fraction of the cost of devices of equivalent specification. This is the CS1. This is the future of cryocooling.

Patent Pending Design

Our layered geometry is a first in cryocooler design. This approach developed by Intelline is revolutionary for cryogenic devices, enabling significant cost reduction, superior customization, and automation from design to assembly.


Intelline has studied, designed, and built pulse tube cryocoolers to develop a strong understanding of the physics of these fascinating devices. We have received input from researchers from all over the world who use cryogenic equipment, and developers of superconductor applications, such that our units will go beyond just getting the job done. We are currently further refining the CS1 prototype to ensure our systems are truly the most convenient and effective cryocooling solutions on the market, and will soon be building prototype systems to pilot with select research applications. If you work with cryogenic systems, in research, commercial applications, or in any other form, we would love to hear about your experiences and how we can make the best cryocoolers for your work.